Teeth whitening in Charlotte

Teeth Whitening in Charlotte

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Common causes of teeth stains in Charlotte

Schramm Dentistry provides the best in teeth whitening in Charlotte. Our teeth whitening in Charlotte is safe and effective and our whitening procedure can be done in just a few trips to our office or with our convenient take home trays. Either way, the choice is yours. Both in and out of office teeth whitening work just as well.

If you prefer to use our take home trays we can give you instructions to take home to make the process super easy. We first make a mold of the teeth at our offices so that we can provide you with custom made trays that you take home and use during your own time. This ensures the whitening solution covers just the teeth needed and that maximum coverage is provided. This also prevents irritation of the gums. Over the years lots of different substances can stain teeth, leaving them yellow and discolored. Wine, coffee and nicotine can all have an effect on teeth color and whiteness. We recommend patients receive a regular teeth cleaning before their teeth whitening session so that teeth are in their best condition. With proper care and oral hygiene routines, teeth whitening procedures can last up to a year or more, depending on maintenance. Our dentist can also provide you with a touch up kit that includes custom fitted whitening trays for spot maintenance if needed.

Besides a regular teeth whitening in Charlotte we also perform Zoom teeth whitening. The Zoom system is a super easy system that is done in offices. Our offices are state of the art and stocked with the latest in technology and more, and we always provide you with accurate test results. Call today for the best in dental care, teeth whitening and all around best dental services at Schramm Dentistry.

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