South Charlotte Teeth Whitening

South Charlotte Teeth Whitening

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Common Causes of Teeth Stains in South Charlotte

With our South Charlotte teeth whitening, you can say goodbye to a stained smile and welcome a more brilliant set of teeth. At Schramm Dentistry, we are pleased to make available the effective, safe, and long-lasting Opalescence whitening system. It’s convenient, easy to use, and best of all it brings you the kind of results that make other people take notice.

Although there are a few exceptions, the common causes of teeth stains tend to revolve around personal habits. Many typical everyday drinks, including tea and coffee, red wine, and cola are known to stain teeth. Among the foods that you should be aware of are curry, soy sauce, hard candy, and even berries, a nutritional champion, but an enemy of your teeth whiteness. Smoking is at the top of the list, though. And really, any tobacco use is a problem. Even if you vape, you are still likely to sustain yellow or even brown teeth. Fortunately, our South Charlotte teeth whitening changes all that. Tetracycline, a popular prescription medication, also causes teeth stains, as do some other drugs you may need for various ailments and conditions. If you’re concerned, ask your doctor about possible alternatives. With our South Charlotte teeth whitening, you’ll wear comfortable whitening trays that have been custom made just for you. All you need do is put your trays in each night for about two or three hours. In two weeks or maybe less, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the color of your teeth. Opalescence absolutely will not harm your precious tooth enamel, so feel confident in using it.

Haven’t you had enough of a smile that is not the color you want it to be? Take the simple step of reaching out to our office to schedule an appointment to come in and see our cosmetic dentist.

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