Charlotte teeth cleaning

Charlotte Teeth Cleaning

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Preventive care in Charlotte

Cleanings are the cornerstone of preventive care, and by getting one every six months you can put yourself in the enviable position of being unlikely to suffer with cavities and advanced gum disease. At Schramm Dentistry, we are committed to the idea that it is far better to avoid oral care problems than to have to treat them after the fact.

Preventive care begins not with our Charlotte teeth cleaning, but with your diet. Keep sugars and starches limited so that you will not have too much dental plaque to contend with. Plaque is filmy and sticky, and its bacterial acids decay teeth, as well as irritating, inflaming, and infecting gums. Sugar and starch are the fuel that cause dental plaque to form in the first place. You should brush your teeth as often as you can, with the minimum being upon waking and before you go to sleep every day. If you can manage to do so after meals, too, that is idea. Floss between your teeth at bedtime to dislodge stuck food particles and plaque clinging there. Where our Charlotte teeth cleaning takes over is for dealing with hardened tartar buildup. Tartar is the same thing as plaque, except that it’s crusty instead of film-like. Unfortunately, it cannot be efficiently eliminated with home oral hygiene. And eliminating it on a regular basis is essential, since its presence means a far more likely chance of cavities and gum disease. Speaking of which, gingivitis is the first stage of it. Cleanings serve to reverse the irritation and redness it causes, while also preventing it from progressing to the later stage of periodontitis. And that’s reassuring, because periodontitis can lead to bleeding while brushing, receding gums, persistent bad breath, and even worse.

Schedule your next visit to get our Charlotte teeth cleaning. Why not do it now while it’s on your mind? Contact our office to book a convenient time.

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